What is AdWords paid referencing?

AdWords paid referencing is often opposed to natural referencing. These 2 categories of referencing are essential for e-marketing strategies. As its name suggests, the Google AdWords campaign is Google’s paid search engine optimization service. This practice refers to all processes that allow site owners to pay for a search tool to have referenced sites listed on the results pages in the advertising section.

Definition of search engine advertising

The principle of AdWords paid referencing is to create advertisements. This term also called search engine advertising or SEA refers to the techniques of buying sponsored links. Advertisements are visible in search engines or the network of partners. Sites that benefit from a Google l’AdWords campaign appear in search engine results when a user searches by entering keywords selected by the advertiser.

It is when an Internet user clicks on the ad that the owner of the referenced site pays for each visit made from sponsored links. The most famous solution to buy sponsored links is the Google AdWords campaign. Remember that there are also other paid referencing programs. Thus, Yahoo and Bing search engines also offer their own SEA services.

Main advantages of AdWords paid referencing

Buying keywords allows the advertiser to be visible on the first page of search engines on specific keywords. In this way, the needs of potential customers can be met by offering products and services from sponsored links. To be effective, the Google AdWords campaign must be carried out with a good strategy. The fact is that buying keywords can be complex and unprofitable if they are implemented without a strategy.

To ensure the success of your AdWords paid search engine optimization, it is recommended to call upon experts whose mission will be to set up keyword purchase campaigns. The specialist sets up the ad and the pages where the Internet user will be directed. The Web referrer also handles targeting, ad extension, auction strategy, KPIs to follow….

Structure of a Google AdWords campaign

To create one or more campaigns, the advertiser must log in from his Google AdWords account. The Google AdWords campaign includes a daily budget, geographic targeting and ad extensions. During a campaign, the referrer has several groups of ads. In each of them, it is possible to define the ads that represent one landing page per ad group, the associated keywords as well as the ad extensions. The structure of the campaign makes it possible to associate the relevant keywords with the landing pages and each ad group.

Choosing between natural and paid referencing