Choosing between natural and paid referencing

It is necessary to differentiate between natural referencing and paid AdWords referencing. If SEO is based on in-depth work in terms of content quality, SEA sets up an advertising type action. Despite these differences, natural referencing and paid referencing AdWords are 2 strategies that have the same objective, to improve the position of a portal within search engines to generate maximum traffic.

To consider when choosing your referencing

People who are looking for a SEO strategy should consider their budget. The advantage of Google Paid SEO is that this strategy is accessible to all companies. Whether the company has a limited, medium or large budget, AdWords paid referencing can be used to attract customers to the site.

The cost per click or CPC allows the advertiser to pay only when a potential customer clicks on the ad. The amount of the cost per click varies greatly depending on the competition, the domain of the site and the keywords chosen. If the owner of the referenced site does not have the necessary skills to manage an AdWords paid search engine optimization, it is recommended to entrust the AdWords campaign to a Web agency or an experienced consultant.

Natural referencing for a sustainable referencing

Search engine optimization or SEO is a referencing strategy that includes all the techniques aimed at optimizing the visibility of a website. By using natural referencing, the referenced site will be better positioned in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. For SEO to be effective, it is important that the contents of the pages contain strategic keywords. The challenge of natural referencing is to place the referenced site in the first search results.

Choose the SEM for a better result

The objective of natural referencing is that this operation allows you to place yourself on about ten keywords. Thus, natural referencing is limited, because it is difficult to place on more keywords. Another shortcoming of natural referencing is that 60 to 70% of searches carried out on the net are long tail searches. Thus, it is difficult to be present on all the keywords that Internet users are looking for. In this case, it is better to buy traffic through Google AdWords. The SEM is the SEO strategy that takes into account natural SEO and paid SEO AdWords.

What is AdWords paid referencing?