The best graphic design tools

It is obvious that paid products or software are more interesting than free ones. However for those who just want to have the base and be able to create must adapt with software that is free to download. To better facilitate software orientation, we have listed and defined some of them.

Interesting web design software

First of all, there is “Gravit designer” which is graphic design software available on all platforms. It is also used for screen design tasks and presentation icons for use and animations. “Vectr” on the other hand is available as a browser-based web application as a stand-alone desktop application. 2D features and filter options and shadows and fonts can be very persuasive. The “SVG-Edit” software proposes to edit only the SVG formats which are vector graphic web design formats.

Free design software

There is the software “Inkscape” which is complete graphic design software with SVG integration on Windows, OS and Linux platforms, it is free software that supports advanced features that are not available on other applications such as mixes and cloned objects. If you are looking to produce a SVG file or edit an existing one, there are a few web designs online that will do the job. SVG is an open format that allows you to reproduce your vector drawings. We then have image retouching, contrast, lighting and saturation fixing. “Krita” is web design software that offers a free paint mix and is open source software that has been under development for a long time.

Popular software and SVG properties

The “Pixlr” software is a totally free graphic design tool that comes with almost 600 effects and is available on the IOS and Android platforms. It is the most popular publisher in the world. The borders and effects are exceptional. “Paint Net” is an example of a product similar to Windows. If you are looking to quickly produce a SVG file or edit an existing SVG file. It is noted that the standard although basic set of tools of all vector image editors are limited to the SVG format, they are surprisingly capable.

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