Digital strategy and web creativity

Defining a digital strategy is very important for a company, as it helps to improve users’ comfort and promotes their loyalty to the services that are promoted by the company. On the other hand, the digital strategy must also include actions to improve the visibility and development of the website.

Digital strategy: For visibility

The visibility of a website is very important, as it defines the first access of potential visitors to the site. The strategies adopted are numerous, and it is preferable to apply them all, in order to achieve significant results. The most popular strategy is undoubtedly the referencing method, which consists in developing content adapted to the searches of Internet users. SEO aims to improve the visibility of sites by registering it as high as possible on the search engine. SEO depends on several factors that are established by search algorithms depending on the search engine. For optimization, computer scientists use indexing. Other methods such as hyperlinks also increase the visibility of the site.

Digital strategy: For loyalty

The loyalty of visitors to the company’s website is also part of a digital strategy. And that’s where web creativity comes in. Web creativity is a system of content development so that the website presents its own graphic identity. The graphic charter includes the different components that can easily make the site recognizable among many others, i.e.: the Logotype, the characters and fonts, the colours used and the different media contents such as videos, images and games. All this must be developed in a harmonious and artistic way so that visitors appreciate the aesthetics of the site. Similarly, the ergonomics of the site must be carefully studied to ensure that accessibility to the site’s functions is adapted.

Digital strategy: For growth

There are many digital strategies that promote the growth of visitors to a site. It is possible to use social networks, which are now unavoidable websites, to target the most visitors. Creating pages in the sites and using hyperlinks easily opens the site’s door to many visitors who are on social networks or other potential sites. Similarly, it is also interesting and even important to optimize search engine optimization through SEO.

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